Summarizing The Year: Why 2018 Was Important For BTL?


– In 2018 BTL turned 11 years old

– we have realized more than 150 large MICE projects

– attended more than 30 major industry events

– held over 900 meetings

– BTL team has become even bigger

– our desire to move forward and reach new heights has acquired a planetary scale 😉


The leaders of our big #BTLteam have told us why 2018 was so eventful for us and what changes and development prospects are expected in MICE world. And we are gladly sharing their thoughts with you!

Anna Petrova, BTL Group Founder and Business Development

“The international market for MICE services is developing steadily becoming more dynamic and flexible. It is an open secret that technology and the creative component – this is what plays a big role today.

Every year my team and I place emphasis on development, and 2018 was not an exception! During the year of fruitful work, BTL group of companies has become even more recognizable in the MICE world. This is evidenced by the numerous business meetings that we held; by the growing number of large-scale projects and new customers; by international industry events that our team both have visited and organized independently…

BTL team currently consists of 80 people in 7 offices and 6 countries. We’ve become even more united, and the team spirit, as you know, is extremely important in the service sector. This was facilitated by educational sessions and developmental trainings; projects with a large number of employees involved in its organization; strategic sessions; traveling together…

I can say that in 2018 we’ve provided a good foundation for development in the next few years.”


Katerina Tyumikova, CEO BTL Group of companies

“For my part, I would like to stress the importance of partnership-building in the field of MICE.

2018 was a year of strengthening relationships and building new ones with clients, suppliers, tourist associations and bureaus, as well as with competing companies that are clearly partners for us and nothing else.

We are acutely aware of the importance of reliable partners in areas where our offices have been functioning for a very short time, for example, in Italy and France.

We have realized a number of our own events and organized several tours, the objective of which was to strengthen business relations. Meetings in an informal setting make it possible to take a look at cooperation from a different angle.

There is a growing tendency to cooperate and find partners within large-scale projects where the resources of one company are insufficient, especially in the Ukrainian market. And we are open to partnership in various formats!”


 Maya Bibilauri, CEO at BTL Georgia

“Competition in the MICE market of Georgia has grown significantly when compared with previous years.  There’s a demand, and, therefore, the market is waiting for supply.

Now the creative component plays a pivotal role; teambuilding – this is what the corporate client requests. If before there was a comparison only in price, now the company that provides the most interesting offer wins the tender.

Also, events, the aim of which is to promote Georgia as a destination, precisely as a good MICE direction, were relevant in 2018 and won’t lose its popularity in the current year. We are actively involved in all these processes, our colleagues are usually elected as speakers for different events held within the framework of meetings of the Georgia Convention Bureau, and this helps to develop both our staff and the company itself.

MICE has a great future both in Georgia and in the Caucasus region in general. Now our main buyers are post-Soviet countries and many European and more distant countries are basically not familiar with our region in principle. We have the whole world in the palm of our hand, and we have so much room to grow and develop.”


Polad Suleymanov, CEO BTL Azerbaijan

“Today, Azerbaijan is at the stage of development of incoming tourism, but it is impossible to ignore the progress in the field of MICE this year.

The support from the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau has significantly increased. At the meeting with the director of ACB, I was pleasantly surprised that when we voiced the difficulties that we had to face during the preparation of the event, we received the answer: “Do your job. If you ever need support, for example, in organizing a marathon on the Boulevard or any other large-scale event, we will assist you.”

By the way, during the organization of the post-tour in the framework of the MMP Forum Caucasus 2018 there was tremendous support from the Convention Bureau. I would like to express my special thanks for this, because not only the company benefits from this, but also the country as a whole. Four years after the establishment of the bureau, I see significant changes in the field of MICE in our country. So, we will do even more large-scale projects in 2019! It cannot but please us.”