New on Menu: Big Event Design Trends in 2018


It is impossible to overestimate the importance of business event décor, therefore, MICE-industry professionals try to diversify every season with fresh and sometimes wholly innovative ideas.

We bring to your attention five unique styles, which have already penetrated and taken root in the sphere of events in 2018. We recommend you take notice of them 😉

1. Go green!

The problem of human impact on the environment is more and more reflected in the event and meeting industries. To reduce the “carbon footprint,” organizers are increasingly using LED lighting, living plants in glass pots or terrariums; “local” flowers and greens, and recyclable materials. The slogan of 2018 says “Go green”!

2. Minimalism

A dull white&black palette and clear geometric lines is not about minimalism at all. This style can be laconic and not pretentious, exquisite and refined.

Greenery, a lot of natural lighting, lack of unnecessary elements in the design are three crucial components of the event décor in a minimalist style. It is perfect that this trend still stands its ground, isn’t it?

 3. Industrial-chic or a game of contrast

Industrial elegance is still one of the hottest trends in 2018 due to the so-called “game of contrasts”. You just need an exciting “industrial” place, porcelain tableware, pure quality linens, twinkling light, greenery and flowers, and… voilà! Clients are no longer excited with tried-and-true ballrooms; increasingly, they prefer huge hangars or lofts, which, due to the simplicity of the forms, look spectacular!

A significant bonus of this trend is a rather attractive rent price of such locations in comparison with the traditional options.

 4. Technology is the future

The event industry is going digital: digitalization is manifested at all stages of event planning – from the place searches and up to communication between guests.

Digital instruments used during events are not limited to VR-glasses, holograms of artists and even drones. For example, Ukrainian market has recently introduced a photo stand, named bullet-time: 24 cameras, working simultaneously, make the same number of shots in the blink of an eye. Then a short video clip is made automatically in MP4 or GIF formats. You can publish them in Facebook, Vimeo or send to your e-mail directly during the event.

5. Transparent elements

This idea is not so new, but right now it reaches the peak of popularity. Restaurants with panoramic windows, roofs of high-rise buildings, locations under an open sky and simply transparent elements in the design will make the event more “chilled-out” and stylish!