Technological boom: What Was Waiting for Guests at Heavent Paris 2018?


Perhaps, Heavent Paris is one of the few exhibitions that, in addition to networking and a diverse & rich educational program, places stake on technology. BTL Group seized a chance to attend the show, which, once a year, becomes a Mecca for hundreds of suppliers offering technical support for events, as well as for guests wishing to see with their own eyes incredible tech-innovations. After all, nowadays, the creative component of the event is almost the basis of success. “Technologies of the future” will surely help to make any event more informative, interactive and memorable 😉

The use of drones and robots during events is really no novelty: this year, at one of the shows of Dolce & Gabbana, a new collection of handbags was presented with the help of unmanned vehicles controlled from behind the scenes.

Dolce & Gabanna drone handbag


So, on Heavent Paris 2018, food was delivered by #RobotServants, promenading around the hall 🙂

There was a feeling, that technological innovations were integrated into all aspects of the exhibition.

All in all, this year Heavent Paris has surpassed itself!

Looking forward to Heavent Paris 2019!