‘Together We Can Do Anything’: Maya Bibilauri About Teamwork in MICE


‘Before we discuss the importance of teamwork, I would like to clarify specificity of the term ‘team’ itself. Team is a voluntary community of like-minded people and faithful companions. A common system of values and the same goal – this is what should unite people. Only in this case it will be possible to form a team from just a group of people.


From my point of view, factors of teamwork have gained more importance in the modern world comparing with the period of the Soviet Union. At that time, a hierarchical system of governance prevailed: everything was built on fear, the ability to deceive and snatch away as much as possible, because collective goods belonged to everybody. People who carried out the same work had completely different goals and values.

Now, in the age of intellectual work, when the management system becomes horizontal and national boundaries blur, the issue of team and teamwork is getting paramount. This means that no matter how good and strong a leader is, if he cannot organize a team, and its members are not united by the same mission, he will hardly lead a company to success.


I remembered one vivid example of the principle of work in a team that sat down very deeply in my mind. I read it in one of the best-sellers written by a famous author Stephen Covey. In general terms, it tells about how the team works.

At each station, a rally driver needs to change tires, check the details… There is a feeling that his team appears in the twinkle of an eye from nowhere and quickly does its job. People do not even talk, do not agree on anything, because everyone knows his responsibilities and everyone pursues the same goal. My point is, not the fastest and smartest rally driver is the first who crosses, but the one who has the strongest and close-knit “support group”.


A team is when people can collectively achieve their goals, while everyone does his own business and is irreplaceable in his own place.

Speaking of indispensability. You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘nobody is irreplaceable’ that was a so-called motto during my youth. However, I am deeply convinced that there are unique people; those who bring emotions to the team and whose knowledge takes it to a new level. When such employees leave, it becomes difficult to achieve a desired result. But it works both ways: a new member of the team, like a breath of fresh air, can bring in a lot of original ideas.

Mr Ford once said: ‘You can take everything away from me, just leave me my team. And in a couple of years, I will be as rich as I was’. I support the same approach. I could not do anything without team, but together we can do anything.


Why do we talk so much about teamwork in our industry? I believe that the field of service, more specifically – MICE industry, is the most complex area of activity.

MICE is a work in B2B market, which requires a special level of knowledge, culture and skills. It is always stressful work: MICE assumes non-stop participation in tenders, there are no guaranteed orders, we never know how many and which tenders we will win, and which ones we will lose. Specialists in this field are chronically stressed but focused.


In addition, the team should be able to build partnerships with suppliers, partners, and with all the participants in this industry, because MICE project is a huge complex project that includes a lot of blocks.

If there is no team spirit in such team and it has no concept of interchangeability — when managers cannot replace each other if necessary — and people work for salary, not for an idea, then the company will fail.

Each team member must have a desire to win as many tenders as possible, implement as many large-scale and high-quality projects as possible.

Only in this case, the company will be at its best’ 😊