Expectation and Reality: Myths of MICE manager’s Profession


MICE-industry is one of the youngest, but rapidly growing spheres. More and more people get in common with this industry and, at the same time, as the snowball, false information about those who work at MICE is growing and spreading. Some people are sure that the life of a MICE professional is full of endless parties, fascinating journeys and eternal fun. There are also those who argue that the game is not worth the candle and this work brings more stress than pleasure. Where is the truth, and where is the myth? Let’s go into particularity of this job with BTL Group.

There are universities that prepare professional MICE personnel

In Ukraine – no. In Europe and the USA – yes. In any case, this is one of the few professions where the certificate of degree does not play a crucial role: your organizational skills, communication skills, charisma, creative thinking, multitasking, and sometimes stress tolerance are much more important. Practice in the MICE field is of the essence.

Inseparable fun or weekdays of MICE manager


People often think that the daily life of a MICE manager is colorful and cloudless. In fact, each project is very demanding and requires thorough preparation. The moment of choosing a location for a business event, communication with the client and contractors, development of a program, estimates… It is important to take into account all the wishes of the customer and at the same time meet the budget and deadlines. The life of the organizer of events and business trips is undeniably colorful, but it takes a lot of energy.

In time, work may become monotonous

Let’s imagine that you’ve learned to prepare detailed costings, found reliable contractors, and finally got practice. Can work become monotonous to some extent? Not at all 😊 You must always be ready for professional development and self-improvement. Projects are different, so you need to be competent and be able to quickly and clearly answer the question posed by the client.

It is crucial to know the specificity of IT, electro-driven tools, audio and video equipment, and even fishing 😉 After all, customer requests can be completely different.

MICE-manager has the opportunity to travel a lot

As part of The Point’s special project and Shamrock educational program “I Want to Become,” Anna Petrova, the founder and ideological inspirer of the BTL group of companies, shared her thoughts on work in the MICE field. You will be interested to learn firsthand about such myths of work in the field of business tourism.

“Many people want to work in tourism because they love traveling, but in this case, it will be relevant to recall the idiom ‘a shoemaker is always ill-shod’. You work a lot and travel not so frequently. In our business, project managers mostly travel as an accompaniment or visit to tourist exhibitions, but this is not about “strolling” and doing nothing, it is about a very hard work. After all, when the manager goes as an accompaniment – they work 24/7.”

It does not make sense to come in MICE from other fields

“We practice internships in our company. Usually in the summer, when there is an opportunity to test yourself, to understand whether it is yours or not. About 5-6 employees got into our company in this way. They interned, became assistants, and after that – full-fledged employees. Some of them have already grown to senior positions. The best university is practice. Especially in our ‘active’ business that really is alive. Every time there may be new tasks. Non-standard tasks.”


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