Once in Barcelona: Montserrat, beer factory and more


Barcelona. That’s where one of the leading IT companies head to a conference in early November. It was sunny, warm and unforgettable trip 😊

A tone for the first day was set by a welcome dinner at the Restaurante Windsor, recommended by the Michelin Guide. This place is an oasis of delicious cuisine! The restaurant is located in the very heart of Barcelona, ​​and the stylish interior and paintings by Spanish artists allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury.

By way of a happy ending of the intensive conference, we invited guests to a small party held in a stylish event hall. Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona – was once a brewery and now it is the restaurant and event hall, which still offers a wide selection of beers. Here you can see the process of preparation of beer with your own eyes!

On the last day, the group went to the mountain of Montserrat, where the monastery, which bears the same name, towers. We were lucky not only to enjoy the breathtaking scenery but also attend the church service, during which a boy’s choir called L’Escolania sang.

But a family restaurant, hidden from prying eyes in an olive grove, was the place that conquered our hearts completely and totally. The owner welcomed us like we knew each other for ages; he treated us to national meal and showed how Spanish people used to drink wine in olden times.

This dinner was the perfect end to our short but amazing journey.

Hasta luego, Barcelona!