Katerina Tyumikova about MICE destination that everybody loves


«Today Paris ranks among the three most important business travel destinations in the world. What’s the secret? In reality, there is no secret at all. The main reason for the success and unfading popularity of France as a MICE-direction is a permanent development, adaptation of its offer according to the international standards, as well as good economic, industrial and technological dynamics.

In addition, we adore this country for the opportunity to realize many, if not all, ideas of our team and unleash our creative potential. Climate, the above-mentioned technological development/infrastructure and picturesque locations – that is what contributes to this.

France is waiting for you at any time of the year.

Packing suitcases? 🙂


As my colleague said in the interview about Italy’s MICE potential, ‘terrible frosts do not narrow the geography of your travels to Bali, Thailand or Sri Lanka. Winter is an opportunity to see the places where thousands of tourists flock to during the warm season’. Guess where we go then? 🙂

As in any other season, Paris is luxurious and especially attractive destination in winter. Since the end of November, the capital of France is dressing up in lights and turning into a Christmas fairy tale. But there is one “but”: the grandiose period of sales begins in mid-January, which can’t be missed (smiling). In addition, you can combine pleasant with the useful and go to the fashion show with the opportunity to look behind the scenes and see how catwalk queens prepare for the show.


To those who love quiet rest, we recommend go closer to the sea in spring already. The temperature is more than comfortable for walking along the seafront, making cruise trips on a yacht and having dinner in a picturesque area. Last spring, for example, we organized an incentive for a small group to Cannes. An excursion to the island, sightseeing helicopter flights, sailing on a yacht and wine safari – this type of team building can’t but please your guests!



Mid-June is the ideal time to visit Provence – a region where lavender fields bloom, and which are considered the same world-famous brand of the south of France as the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


How about a sailing regatta, trips around the city on a retro car, parties in the open sea and dinner on the coastal cliff of Nice? Cote d’Azur is simply a must-see place at the end of August – beginning of September: a wave of cosmic tourists’ interest to the south of France as a resort lowers and not taking advantage of this will be unforgivable.


And now let’s get to the autumn season.

Last year, at the end of November, we went on a tour to Normandy after IBTM exhibition together with our partners.

Oyster tasting in the rain, excursion to the city on a rock and tour to a cheese farm… All this – and much more – we managed to do in just four days. Four magical days. This weekend in Normandy will remain in our memory for a long time.


Buying an apartment in France or in Monaco means living in a country with a mild climate, high level of culture, beautiful architecture and amazing mentality. Organizing an event and incentive here means falling in love with France as MICE destination, choosing this place again and again.”