Homeland of “Indiana Jones”: Incentive Tour to Jordan


Jordan is a perfect place for the rest at least because the level of oxygen here is 8% higher than in any country in the world, and the air is saturated with bromine. It means that if you are subjected to stress and insomnia, the air of Jordan will allow you to achieve a state of inner harmony and truly relax. One of the leading cosmetic companies in Ukraine and the world decided to check out “healing properties” of the local sea, air and sun. So, let’s take a look at how the trip was! 😊

Acquaintance with the country traditionally began with an excursion to the capital Amman and trip to Jerash – city buried in sands. It is hard to believe that this thriving city was deep in the ground for about 1000 years. That is why buildings were literally put in dead storage, so that temples, an amphitheater and entire neighborhoods resulted well preserved to this day. We were excited to see such beauty!

The eighth wonder of the world also did not leave us indifferent. Amphitheater carved out of stone, temples carved in rocks and royal tombs…Small wonder that famous directors continue to choose this place to shoot their films. In secret, we also witnessed the filming of the movie in the pink city 😉

Sightseeing perfectly combined with beach rest at the seaside and SPA.

Concluding the review, in a week, employees of the cosmetic company visited the holy places (Madaba, Mount Nebo), the Wadi Rum desert, the ancient city of Petra, the capital Amman and the city of Jerash, which was once buried in the sand, and also visited the Dead and Red Seas. We not only made sure that air and sea in Jordan are healing; we also prepared for a frost and low temperatures well 😉