IBTM World 2018

IBTM World 2018 Breaks Records of Previous Years!


This three-day event was attended by representatives from 150 countries and were conducted more than 77,650 pre-scheduled meetings, highly appreciated by both exhibitors and IBTM attendees. This year, 54% of Hosted Buyers were participating in the program for the first time – up 20% on 2017, and 50% of them were completely new to the IBTM portfolio – an increase of 16% since last year.

Commenting at the close of the show, David Thompson, Exhibition Director of IBTM World, said: “We set the bar high, breaking the previous record for the number of pre-scheduled meetings, and it was incredibly nice to hear from our guests how satisfied they were with the quality, as well as the number of meetings and the intensity of the program … It was exciting to hear so many positive reviews about opportunities of expanding business opportunities and establishing contacts with partners right here at IBTM World.”

BTL Group also represented its stand at IBTM World! Needless to say, we had been waiting for the end of November and looking forward to the trip to sunny Barcelona more than ever! 😊

In addition to business meetings, IBTM World traditionally offered a diverse educational program.


Dex Barton delivers lecture «A Guide To The Key Technological Trends Of The Next 10-20 Years & What They Mean For You”

IBTM World also presented a so-called Exploratory Zone to inspire attendees and give them a possibility to get familiar with new technological developments, which in the nearest future will be integrated into the industry of meetings and events.


3DFoodLab presents “Future Kitchen”. 3DFoodLab develop food printing technology and actually print food.

The show was exciting and eventful! Looking forward to the next IBTM World in Barcelona!