Gastro tour to Tbilisi: where to go and what to eat


Many people know that Georgia abounds in places where not only national dishes are prepared, but also new fashion trends are appreciated.

Where to go if you are limited in time and want to visit only the most authentic and unusual spots?

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This place is worth visiting not only because here you can taste the most delicious meat in the city. Just have a look at this cozy backyard (“ezo” in Georgian means “backyard”)! In a circle of friends, alone or with tour soul mate – here you will feel comfortable, no matter what.


Culinarium is a restaurant and, at the same time, an educational center with culinary master classes.

Actually, this place has only one table for all visitors – tourists and local residents.

Here you can taste dishes prepared from seasonal products – chefs in Culinarium are not tied to one particular kitchen.


Keto & Kote is a restaurant in the Old Town where you can taste traditional Georgian dishes.

The beauty of this place will take your breath away! Do not forget to order the famous berry pie. And if you have planned a trip for the spring or summer, it’s a sin not to dine on a luxurious terrace.


Tekuna Gachechiladze’s restaurant named Littera can never be forgotten due to its fabulous location. It is situated in the garden of the Writers’ House in the Old Town. The tables are set in the middle of a stunning garden, and candlelight dinner makes an unforgettable impression!


A ‘must-visit’ café! Guests and locals claim that it is necessary to taste everything here – every dish is beyond praise!


If you have free time, head to Sighnaghi, a small town towering above the Alazani valley. You will have a chance both to admire the local sights, and also taste the wine and dishes in the restaurant Pheasant’s tears. Marvelous bucolic views, cosy atmosphere – you will fall in love with this place!


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