“Say NO to Gadgets” is a New Slogan of the Event Industry?


“Tech-gifts”, “the best event gadgets and apps” – a little while ago the World Wide Web was full of such ‘tech’ articles, having an impressive number of views. These posts certainly won’t lose popularity – they are extremely relevant and useful in our time.

Not only presentations, visual imaging and sound stimuli of the event, but also the habit of checking messengers, mail, Facebook or Instagram feed are those things, which create tension. Therefore, at the end of the evening, a person often feels overwhelmed with information. Small wonder that slightly provocative, in this day and age, trend – organization of events with total phase-out of gadgets – pervades the industry. Scared? But it’s cool, isn’t it?  😉

«No, we don’t have Wi-Fi. Talk to each other. Pretend it’s 1995»


No Internet access during the event shouldn’t come as a surprise to guests, as this nuisance can ruin their plans.

Indicate in the invitation that Wi-Fi won’t be available in some areas; let them know that it is a perfect chance to have an emotional let-out, being a couple of hours entirely in the real world. After all, according to research, social networks increase the level of stress and interfere with a person’s self-realization, while smartphones obscure our focus on new information, being the main distracting factor. In the end, there is nothing more enjoyable and productive than personal interaction.

Diversify leisure time

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Don’t want your guests to get bored during a coffee break? Then diversify their leisure time! Prepare a cozy recreational area with relaxing music. Incorporating natural elements into the decoration would be appropriate. Being close to nature relieves stress and helps you feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. But don’t forget about active breaks 😉 Outdoor activities, tasks for interacting with others, quizzes or sports competitions – all this will let the brain rest and will surely enhance the effect of the event.

Comfort is above all else


The overall environment plays a pivotal role during any gathering: you should agree that comfortable chairs in the conference room/hub and in the recreation area will create comfort, and guests will relax easier. Background music is also very important. If you want your guests to feel internal harmony, then it’s better to use the sounds of the environment (ocean noise, birdsong). At the same time, the sounds of city streets, train stations and squares will enhance creativity and improve cognitive function.

And how do you feel about “no gadgets” and “no-Wi-Fi” events? 😉