“Ideas Should Fly Around”: Polad Suleymanov About Creativity in MICE


“Organizing events is not easy. Besides the fact that the process of preparation and implementation of a MICE project itself requires permanent monitoring at all stages, thoroughness, attention to details and high stress resistance, you still should receive a request.

Try to offer your customer something that no one has yet offered – fresh, interesting, authoring product that will make people talk about you during and after the project.

Ideas should fly around. This is a dogma strictly adhered to by our team.”

How to unlock potential, develop creativity and offer the client the most original and unique product? Replies CEO BTL Azerbaijan Polad Suleymanov.

“When I just started cooperating with BTL Azerbaijan, I understood, that we would not last long afloat in this market without creativity. Because at that time companies, running such business for a relatively long time and having a base of valuable contacts and regular customers, existed. We had to surprise. Now I understand that we managed to do this thanks to polishing up our work and creative thinking development.

By following these 5 tips, you will notice how the level of creativity in your team will increase. Proven!

Learn basics before breaking bad

Regularity is a friend of creativity. And without knowing the basics of the event organization, you will fail in implementing a project well. Do not save time on learning, because it will be sad if you need to put on the shelf all ideas just because they were “wrapped up” bad due to ignorance of the important principles of MICE organization.

Many wits are better than one

In 90 out of 100 cases a client receives a one-sided offer. Among thousands of different requests for any budget, he will be interested only in something fresh and outstanding. It is a fact.

Therefore, do not refuse the help of colleagues. At the initial stage of preparation for the tender, get a team for brainstorming. From the flow of insane and rational, original and mediocre ideas, you will find something worthy.

Risk and believe

Let’s face it, at least once in our life, each of us attended a boring business event. But we do not want to be predictable and carry out a “boilerplate” event.

You won’t get closer to perfection constantly staying in the comfort zone. Self-growing does not mean sparing yourself. If one idea doesn’t work, another will.

And finally, believe in yourself, in your potential and creativity. Excessive self-confidence can hamper, but self-confidence for reaching goals is simply necessary.

Learn to relax

It is a well-known fact that ideas come to us at the moment when we feel most relaxed and peaceful. Imagination starts to work!

I’ll tell you a story: in 2017 we received a large request for 200 people. I was aware that this is our chance to break new ground.

Arriving home, I “disconnected” from the outside world, put off the gadgets, and “forgot” about business for the evening. It was then when a crazy idea came to my mind – to invite guests to sell tomatoes on the market. As part of the quest, of course (laughing). In such a way our project “200 Baku tomatoes” was born – one of the most ambitious and memorable. Our guests completed an incredible quest from 10 mind-blowing tasks. At the finish line there was a red ribbon and a splash of champagne – that’s what we call #MiceRocks by BTL Azerbaijan.

To cut a long story short, if you puzzle all day about the same problem, give your subconscious mind a rest. When you allow it to “wander” a little, a place for thoughts will appear.

Get personal

Not only an individual approach is important in our work. Do not take the phrase “create from scratch” literally.

Believe me, if you invent a character and use it in further MICE projects, not only your clients will remember you. In such a way we came up with #TheMamed, a character that seems to be an invariable companion in many of our projects.

Go beyond.

Risk, create and get inspired!”

Photo credit: freepik.com