CEO BTL Group of companies About Major MICE Exhibitions in 2019


The season of trade shows has successfully started and, on the eve of the hot season, we talked with Katerina Tyumikova, CEO BTL Group of companies, about events that every professional event & business travel organizer should visit in 2019.

“More than 90 cities annually hold up to 2,500 international, national and regional exhibitions, so the importance and even the need to visit the leading MICE exhibitions in the world cannot be overestimated. After all, everyone knows that such events allow you to communicate with a huge number of people from different countries, in particular, with “necessary” suppliers and buyers from target markets in an informal setting.

It’s encouraging that BTL is an active participant of the leading MICE trade shows. If we, though, do not plan to represent a company at a specific event, we try to visit it as a hosted buyer: believe me, it is also a profitable opportunity to be in the thick of things and meet with professionals who set the direction for the development of MICE industry.

For this year, BTL team set big goals. This is not just a matter of the implementation of larger-scale projects – we are serious about visiting a high number of industry exhibitions.

Let’s start with IMEX Frankfurt and IMEX America. The latter is annually held in Las Vegas, where we’ve been last year and presented #BTLGeorgia and #BTLUkraine at the booth of our partner, Ovation. The magnitude of the show can be underscored by the fact that the organizers had to prepare an additional hall, giving the opportunity to become participants of the show for more than 3,500 exhibitors from 150 countries. So, about 60 new stands appeared at the exhibition!

However, we were impressed not so much by the scale as by the quality of the organization itself. And yes, I will always sing the praises of people who manage to get through to everyone, showing professionalism in everything. Being directly involved in the preparation and implementation of business events, we know that this is not as easy as it might seem at first glance (laughing).

We also have a special sympathy for the M&I Forums. In a nutshell: in the framework of forums that take place in 6 countries on 3 continents, visitors take part in face-to-face meetings aimed at networking and broadening of business contacts. Simple? Yet effective! This format is intended for those who want to get a base of valuable contacts in just 3 days.

As in the past, this year we are planning to visit Spain. For a long time already, the homeland of Gaudi, Dali and Picasso has been holding IBTM World – one of the ten most important business events in Barcelona. Statistics say that this world-famous three-day exhibition welcomes nearly 15,500 industry professionals! It traditionally offers a very intense program for its attendees: business meetings, networking and educational programs that are extremely important for organizers and suppliers from around the world.

In 2018, our team also visited IBTM China as a hosted buyer. It was a new experience for us to communicate with companies providing services in China and other Asian countries. A brief remark: English is not frequently spoken language in this country. Even at the exhibition there may be difficulties with understanding what your interlocutor says and how to explain to him who you are. Business cards and translator apps will definitely become your best friends in China (laughing).

In addition, IBTM geography includes the African continent, America, and the United Arab Emirates. Take note if you are looking for reliable suppliers in the above-mentioned countries.

Finally, I would like to say a few words about the international tourism exhibition ITB Asia in Singapore. We sincerely believe that BTL will have an opportunity to visit it in the near future. After all, the reputation of ITB Asia, which grows along with the exhibition, attracts leaders of the international industry in various MICE industry segments. And it’s impressive!

In my opinion, visiting such events will never be redundant, wherever it takes place. After all, this is not only an investment in the development of the company, but also an investment in yourself.”