New level of relaxation: blissful caviar tour for body and soul


Azerbaijan is historically known as one of the best black caviar producers in the world. We would like to invite you to join a unique journey into the world of Azerbaijani culinary grace! You will buy “black gold” at a very good price and find out how caviar is made.

Beluga caviar is still considered the most valuable, tasty and expensive one. Small wonder that it is called “black gold” – its number is very limited within the borders of Azerbaijan.

Local people often advise to buy caviar in the markets, where a good assortment of products can be found. Here you can also buy culinary delights at a huge discount. But let’s be honest: sometimes peaceful and quiet rest is the only thing we crave during a short vacation. What about a welcome dinner in a restaurant by the Caspian Sea and caviar with champagne for aperitif? That’s how the first day of vacation should start 😉

Those who enjoy exotic SPA-rituals can’t help but miss black caviar treatments – one of the most effective cosmetic procedures. Black caviar mask moisturizes, nourishes, refreshes face and helps prevent wrinkles. Caviar, which contains antioxidants and omega-3 acids, activates cells to produce collagen, responsible for the elasticity and firmness of skin.

It is said that Princess Diana was who loved black caviar masks; Mick Jagger, who was lucky to try a complex of black gold-based SPA procedures, is also a big fan of “black gold”. Luxurious rejuvenation!

This gastronomic delicacy is also used for hair SPA treatments. Special formula enriched with black caviar components helps maintain the hair’s pH balance and adds moisture, shine and vitality.

It is not surprising then that the most famous cosmetic brands actively use the extract of black caviar in their products. Revolutionary products enriched with a highly effective component offer such companies as La Prairie, Ingrid Millet, Alterna, Kerstin Florian and Noche Y Dia, as well as Avon and Beauty Style.

The keynote of the paradise relax tour will be a trip to the famous mud volcanoes and a picnic with caviar in the highlands.

A couple of days in the company of me, myself and I is what everyone sometimes needs. Isn’t it the real joie de vivre? 🙌

Enjoy your best weekend with BTL Azerbaijan!