7 Travel Life Hacks, You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Travel stress.

Overloaded WiFi, long exhausting flights, traffic jams, discharged electronic friends, then long-awaited arrival at the hotel, shower, bed…BAM! – and the socket in the hotel does not fit the charger. Familiar situation?

Sometimes journey can turn into sheer disappointment, and even a thought about upcoming vacation or meeting with relatives doesn’t warm you.

How to avoid such situations and make your trip comfortable?

1. Download Google Maps to use it offline.


It is not necessary to buy a SIM card to be able to use Google maps wherever you want. Download it on your phone and use it even without an Internet connection. Another similar free service is MAPS.ME. The application can navigate by GPS, build routes for cars, cyclists and pedestrians between two spots, as well as provide detailed information about restaurants or cafés on the map.

2. Put on compression socks during a long flight.


unsplash.com/Suhyeon Choi

Low the chance of swelling and prevent blood clots 🙂

3. Find WiFi passwords on FourSquare.

FourSquare is a website/application where people share tips, ratings and reviews about various places (for example, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.). The most useful part of the site is the “Tips” section. There, users leave recommendations and even WiFi passwords.

Do not plan to sit in a cafe, but need the Internet right at the moment? Just take in advance a screenshot with the passwords of the cafes in the city where you are located. Perhaps they will be useful to you 😉

4. Or download an application that shows all WiFi passwords.


WiFi Map is an application that shows you passwords to various WiFi networks (more than 100 million, as the developers promise). This application is really user-friendly because you immediately see WiFi points closest to your location.

Note: some disgruntled users say that passwords are outdated, but in this case, you can always use FourSquare.

5. Use TV to charge devices.


Forgot the adapter for charging electronic devices? Then connect the USB cable from the phone to the TV and turn it on. This is a very useful life hack, isn’t it?

6. Roll your clothes.



If there’s any time when space in your suitcase shrinks magically, it’s during the holidays.  Let us open you another secret. In order to clear some space, try not “layering” clothes, but rolling them.

This trick is especially useful when traveling only with hand luggage.

7. Come to the airport really in advance


The situation on the roads becomes more complicated with the approaching of the New Year holidays. In order to save your nerves and be in a good pre-Christmas mood, we recommend arriving at the airport in advance (it’s better to go through all the formalities without haste and work at the airport than to become stressed).


Which of these tips will you use on your next trip?