5 Useful YouTube Channels for MICE Managers


One of the main tasks of a successful MICE-manager is to be well-informed about everything that is happening in the event industry. Nowadays YouTube is so diverse that it seems that it is possible to find answers to almost all questions here. We bring to your attention 5 profiles that will surely enhance your competitive advantage.

IMEX Group

IMEX is an exhibition that hardly needs to be presented. Lots of people (if not everyone) who are somehow involved in the field of business events know about this show. On the channel, you will find video interviews with industry experts, news releases and even reports from the IMEX Frankfurt and IMEX America education sessions.

EventPlanning Blueprint TV

Melanie Woodward, an event organizer, created Event Planning Blueprint to share the result of running business in the event industry. She planned and realized many events around the world, worked with celebrities and outstanding sports stars, and also held events with a multi-million budget. You’ll like it here 😉

Event Manager Blog

Incredibly charismatic Julius Solaris and his colleagues share tips and tactics to boost the effectiveness of the event. And it does not matter whether you make your first steps in this field or you are true professional – everyone will find the answer.


“BTLTalks is a project that takes place in the form of meetings with interesting people, successful people, people who are able to change their own lives and the lives of those around them, people who inspire.”

This is how Anna Petrova describes the format of the channel – the founder and inspirer of the BTL Group and creator of the channel. BTLTalks will appeal not only to MICE professionals but also to those who want to gain confidence in themselves, the determination to act, starting to do what you love 😉


TED was created in 1984, and since then hundreds of interesting people from various fields have risen numerous relevant and critical issues. TED covers almost all topics – from science and business to global issues, and it’s not about the event. But each video gives such a strong surge of inspiration that we could not help but include it in the list. Do you watch TED?