5 Event Practices That Should be Left in 2018


With each passing year the event industry develops and evolves more and more dynamically. Thus, in 2018, event organizers managed to apply an unprecedented number of innovative approaches aimed at boosting the effectiveness of the event, which could upgrade the world of events and set up new standards.

However, at the same time, some experts argue that not all methods “worked” as expected, and in 2019 it is worth changing the angle of view and adjust tactics of organizing events. We would like to bring to your attention five ideas, trends and principles that professionals urge to forget about in 2018.

Use of paper and plastic


This problem will become even more global in 2019. Just imagine how much waste produce mass events? Isn’t it more convenient to use phone and multifunctional applications than carrying a printout of programs, or use glassware, which is much more harmless, than plastic cups and plates?

However, the appearance of such items as Tossware и Wasara –  alternative tableware to traditional plastic and glass – is more than encouraging. “The more we, the event organizers, will raise awareness of the importance of waste reduction and show the example to others, the better,” the experts inform.

Incredibly creative in an incredibly short time


When a client challenges us to come up with an incredible unique idea for an event and produce a wow-effect, we strive to exceed his expectations and do everything at the highest possible level.

But there is one thing: often you need to cope with the task in the shortest deadlines. We can do it, but in such circumstances,  it is quite difficult to top ourselves and exceed client’s expectations. Down with the “urgency”, let it remain in 2018 😉

Using fashion technology for fashion

Technology simplifies our lives, but its active integration is disconnecting people.

Interpersonal communication becomes even more valuable, and if the use of technical innovations is not provided by the theme of the event, you should not put them on the foreground. Focus on real-time communication.

Information overload


It is considered that the content and branding should fill the whole event. As a result, attendees get tired of information and entertainment overflow. It is important to give them time to take a breath in the relax zone or network. Believe us, the participants will be more involved in what is happening, if you give them at least 5 free minutes.

JOMO it’s normal or to miss doesn’t mean to lose


How does a business meeting usually go? A typical business event scenario includes education sessions, necessity to meet new people, sell, buy, have fun, and much more. Burnout at events is not a myth, but a reality.

JOMO (“the joy of missing out”) – is the possibility to disconnect from the whole world and, in particular, the hustle and bustle at the event.

Give your attendees the opportunity to “disconnect” from the information overload, pause and drink coffee or meditate a little. Don’t forget about relaxation zones and, as a last resort, install a television screen there to broadcast everything that happens in the lobby.


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