5 Must-Have Gadgets for Traveler in Era of Digital Nomadism


In the era of technological boom, the list of gadgets for travelers can consist of dozens of positions. It’s no longer necessary to use paper cards, bulky photo cameras or worry about lost luggage or bag. The most important thing now is to know how they can be replaced and what can help you not to lose your valuables.

Charger for multiple devices

Traveling with multiple gadgets? Have no time to charge all your devices having at your disposal only outlet in the room? This adapter can simultaneously charge up to 4 devices via USB.

Chipolo Classic Finder

This tracker is similar to the Tile Anything Finder Combo Pack: it also works through a special mobile application and helps to find valuable things.

You can attach it to the keys, put it in the purse with a passport or affix to the computer on a double-sided tape. Check the map for its last known location.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones


We could not help but reiterate importance of this device.

Freedom from wires, high-quality music or an audiobook – what more do you need on a trip?

Manual coffee machine Handpresso Pump


This portable manual coffee machine gives about 30 milliliters of coffee at a time. This perfect gadget will save you in places where good espresso can hardly be found: on the beach, in the mountains or on a picnic. Works with ground coffee or with E.S.E. capsules. (Easy Serving Espresso).

Suitcase Have A Rest


Not just stylish, but also functional:

  • Built-in USB-port and Power bank in suitcases of S size for carry-on luggage will help you to always stay in touch even during a long flight;
  • Built-in scales in suitcases of M and L sizes will help you know the weight of your luggage before you arrive at the airport.

Cowarobot Rover Speed


And a bonus gadget in our list 😊

With the help of optical sensors on the handle that capture your movements, a smart suitcase Rover Speed follows you wherever you go. The built-in power bank can fully charge up to 8 mobile phones and keeps Rover Speed on the go for up to 12 miles.

Simply grab the handle and the Rover Speed automatically converts to manual mode.


Have you found a device in our list that you will surely buy for the next trip? 😉