10 Cool Tech Gifts for Your Guests


So-called tech-gifts – digital presents for guests and participants of the event – has become increasingly popular. It is possible to use such technical wonders not only during preparation process but also to present and cover the occasion.

Guests expect for the technology to be introduced into every aspect of the evening. Moreover, thanks to gifts, the central theme of the conference and the whole event will undoubtedly result long remembered.

We prepared for you ten miracles of technology that you can offer your guests and use for the preparation and realization of the event to boost its effectiveness аnd avoid fuck-ups.

1. Traveladapter


Travel-adapter is an essential companion during business trips and vacation. This small cube has a USB connector for charging MP3 / MP4 players, smartphones, GPS, etc. anywhere in the world. You don’t have to worry that devices will be uncharged for a long of time!

2. Wi-Fi extender


For all of us, it is not easy not to have access to mail, various messengers and social networks. In such moments, you can’t do without relatively inexpensive Wi-Fi extender that improves the coverage area of the wireless system and boosts the signal in “dead zones”. So you will be able to avoid #Wi-Fi_fail, and the guests will get only positive impressions of the event.

3. Wireless charger


This wireless charger came on the market just recently – its compatible devices include Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S9, Note 8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy S7. The series contains two devices with temperature control to keep your phone safe. The manufacturer assures that a smartphone recharges an hour faster compared to standard 5W wireless chargers.

4. Tile Anything Finder

amazon.ca by Tile Inc.

Tile Anything Finder Combo Pack is engineered for those who tend to lose things during crowded and dynamic events. These finders are attached to the keychain (or any other item), sending data about the location of the “lost” thing on the smartphone when the button is pressed.

The battery of this gizmo keeps the charge throughout the year.

5. Think Board


Forget about large dry erase boards. Think Board is a small dry erase sheet that can be stuck to any flat surface – wall, door, table, refrigerator – anywhere you want to leave a message or write down the idea. The kit includes a marker, spray, microfibre, Velcro and usage instructions 😊

6. VAGO – wonder-vacuum

Aloysius Low/CNET

VAGO is a small device that you can take with you when traveling. This device automatically compresses the clothes, releasing up to 50% of the space within your baggage. All you need to do is put clothes into the vacuum bag, screw on VAGO, plug in power and push the button. VAGO has a smart sensor to detect pressure and can automatically stop after full compression, saving your time, nerves and money.

7. Charging Keychain NomadKey


You will never have your phone about to die possessing such a useful tool. It is an ultra-portable iPhone charging cable with Lightning cable which allows to get a quick charge, sync to a laptop, or offload some important content or pictures.

As a bonus, you can put a traditional metal key on it to have everything at hand.

8. Pocket-projector


Whether it’s a business trip or a family vacation, a lightweight, compact and easy-to-use portable projector is a good companion when traveling and not only! After all, showing photos or video on a tiny screen of the smartphone is not always a good idea. It is much easier to project images or even presentations from the iPhone to any surface, without wasting time and energy on renting “stationary” projectors.

9. Versatile case-cardholder


Case-cardholder with grip is an inexpensive, simple and universal gift, though. It gives enough space for 2+ Cards (IDs, credit cards, driver’s license etc.) Forget your bulky wallet at home! Such holder will also solve the problem of holding and using the gadget simultaneously. So you can be sure that the smartphone won’t slip out of your hands!

10. Digital Luggage Weight Scale


This compact and lightweight device does not take much space, but it will play its pivotal role at the right time. Nobody wants to pay a fee for excess baggage, do they?

Some scales also have a connector for charging batteries with a USB port. It’s a real catch 😉 

Which of these gifts do you think is a real must-have for a travel nerd?